Your Personal development is important to a happy existence!

So.. why is your personal development and growth, important?

your personal developmentThe idea of personal development is nothing new. We used to name it maturing or growing as a person. It starts at birth, when a child watches and listens to everything around them. They may be like little sponges absorbing information.

It is a natural struggling to develop and expand. Consider the benefit with which they learn their first language. If they’re exposed to multiple language they will without difficulty learn them both.

But, as we age this natural development turns into less natural and more effort is involved. We’ve created colleges where we are lead in our development in line with the norms of our society. Our mother and father direct our improvement by laying down recommendations of behavior in line with their requirements and morals.

Still the time comes when we need to determine what route our existence will take. This is when our development turns into greater truly ‘personal’. If we do no longer make a conscious efforts at this point to develop and mature, we will become stagnant. Our happiness may be in jeopardy. Humans will view us as ‘unsuccessful’ in life.

What is a personal development plan?

As per definition of wikipedia, Personal development planning is the process of creating an action plan based on awareness, values, reflection, goal-setting and planning for personal development within the context of a career, education, relationship or for self-improvement.

Without a doubt, the improvement of our self as someone would include making our self more beneficial to the human beings around us. We have seen many well-known people who seek to do this through charitable works. They’ll often say how the ones activities have enriched their very own lives!

It is a bible principle often repeated that there’s greater happiness to be found in giving and serving than in be served or in receiving. When we study this essential fact we are able to be including to our personal development plan.

A personal development plan with other cultures.

If we are able to have interaction with other cultures or traditions which are one-of-a-kind from our very own, this too will add to our personal development. It will cause our brains to stretch and analyze, just as when we were babies. What we might imagine of as ordinary can be quite unusual to a person from another believe system and vice versa.

I have frequently thought that most South Africans are limited by their lack of interaction with different nationalities. There is mass migration of human beings all around the world nowadays. Consequently it has become quite clear, where to find people of other nations with whom to interact. Your personal development can be enhanced by using such experiences. The Europeans have been taking advantage of such cultural exchanges for hundreds of years with out losing their distinctiveness.

personal development planI have seen that the best form of personal development comes from Bible studies. The application of the many outstanding ideas  contained in it will assist you to become a better individual. In Jesus’s sermon on the mount alone he informed us on the best way to address arguments. How to make peace with another man or woman, how to make your marriage strong.Also a way to view material things in a way that ends in happiness.

Yes! the most exceptional resource in personal development is spiritual knowledge.